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pe0ple_wh0_r0ck's Journal

You wanna rock with us?
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Megan-Rock Royalty (Head MOD): twistedxkitten She gets pissed off easily. Best not to piss her off.
Nikki, Maintainer wastedtears13 She makes our community all pretty and may take over if both other MODS are unavailable. Best not offend her either.

Questions? Comments? Complaints? Go to us.
ONLY We are allowed to Stamp and/or ban people
Rude to us? Kiss your ass goodbye.

Welcome to pe0ple_wh0_r0ck Here, we judge on personality, and looks, so if you're ugly and boring, go somewhere else.


001.. Please post within 48 hours of joining or the MODs will remove you
002. put All pictures and applications under an LJ-Cut.
003.Post 3 or more clear pictures of you along with the application.
004. I cannot stress this enough!! No voting or commenting until you are ACCEPTED (this excludes commenting on your own application)
005. Members can be as harsh or as nice as they want, so If you get a no, please dont give our members attitude, please, if you can't take it, DO NOT apply.
006. If someone calls you ugly, get the fuck over it.
007. If you are rejected, you may try again with a new application and pictures after a week, if you get rejected again..Then you obviously do not rock</b>
008. Don't be rude to our members, dont pick fights. Any complaints come STRAIGHT TO THE MOD. Please save us the drama.
009. Please put the following in the subject line: "I wanna rock" and for the LJ cut put the name of a band that you hate.
010. When applying, please put some thought into the application and have some fun! we like people with attitudes and personality, and we're 10 times more likely to pick you if you show some originality and spunk. Remember the application is there for a reason, not just to look pretty.
011. You will be stamped after you recieve a total of FOURTEEN (14) Votes.
012. If you say "kthnxbye" or anything like that in your application, I'll delete it, because it's annoying as hell.
013. You are required to promote our community.



001. Stamped members can put whatever in their subject of their post.
002. Promoting is allowed, but banners Must be behind an LJ cut, and we don't want to become a billboard.
003. If you are going to be away for an extended period of time, post a message to let us know that you won't be voting, so you don't get kicked out.
004. When voting, you don't have to list why, but if the applicant asks nicely, please give them a few points on why you say yes/no
005.Vote with a simple yes or no in the subject line, it makes the votes easier to count. . IF YOU FAIL TO COMPLY YOU'RE VOTE WILL NOT BE COUNTED.
006. If your feeling lazy, or if the application is boring you and you dont want to read anymore, you can decide your vote on their looks.
007. Give Megan some entertainment, being harsh is ok.
008. YOU MUST VOTE FOR AT LEAST 1 out of 3 applicants You will be considered inactive then and be warned, then asked to leave.
NEW009. use our banners and/or Link to promote us, once accepted i will do pop-checks to see if you have a promo to us in your LJ info
010. If you chose to leave, please notify a MOD</b>
011. When voting on a person PLEASE refrain from "kthxdie" and "kthxbye" NO INTERNET LINGO.
012. When a person of the opposite sex applies, please don't act like a stupid immature teeny bopper. (Ie-"OMGZ I WANNA HAVE UR BABY!", "I WANNA DO YOU!", "LETS FUCK!", or anything related to that nature). You will be warned the first time, and kicked out the second.
013. HAVE FUN!

If you do a series of things, you will be awarded points for each thing you do. At the end of the month, I will tally the points and the person with the most points will become Rockin' Pimp of the month, and will recieve an auto accept and an auto reject, and even get their picture on the user info. spiffy eh?

Points are as followed
Promoting: (Must show links) +2 points per link
Posts: 3 points (this excludes announcements on being inactive and/or change of name)
Picture posts: 5 points (3+ Pictures)
Recruiting a member: 12 points (per person)
Theme participation: 6 points
Theme winner: 8 points for first place.
Second place-5 points, 3rd-2 points.
Winning a member challenge: 10 points

For the month of January, our theme will be

Members can challenge other members in the community who they think don't rock enough and suck major ass.
Click here for rules and details


Remember, Put it behind an LJ cut!! Don't know how? Figure out how to.

No one likes boring applications!

Feeling Lazy? Just copy and paste the pre-made application

Click Here
to view our Accepted and Rejected Members

xxblackraynexx for talking back to the MOD and being a smart sarcastic cunt.
il0vesimpleplan for being an immature bitch and not being able to take no votes. She sucked and should have got used to them.
betterthansushi for being a cunt
paigedayspring for posting without being a member and harassing our members
stereo__mono because she couldnt take no votes
deceivingwishes because she was an idiot just like the others
roadkillpuppies she was accepted, but she chose to be ignorant towards other members opinions.

You can view our Banners Here

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cutie_0r_not an awesome community that rates on looks as well as personality, which is a community you'd definatly want to check out

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